Foot Operated Sanitiser Dispenser


Foot operated sanitiser dispenser


Businesses the world over have been decimated by the Covid 19 pandemic. Beyond the economic and financial losses faced by companies, the health risk faced by individuals is far greater. With a lot of information flowing around, it is still not clear how this pandemic will play out. This also affects our economic, physical and mental well-being. To mitigate the risk posed to the health of workers, the Government of TamilNadu has come out with a set of guidelines that establishments will have to implement immediately. One such guide line is to install hand washing equipments at all strategic locations.

TPI obtained special approval from the district collector to open its factory for maintenance of machines and moulds. To protect our employees from the spread of COVID 19 we started to study the sanitizer dispensers available in the market. The team had seen pneumatically operated dispensers, mechanical dispensers with lot of moving parts plus a wash basin and finally a tunnel that dispenses sanitizers. All of these were either expensive or needs regular maintenance or requires extensive plumbing - so we decided against all of this.

In our company we identified that the cost of doing business is going to increase after the lockdown is removed. The expectation of all Customers, regulatory authorities and our own team members - is increased health and safety standards. So, to mitigate the cost of investment we decided to form teams and focus on frugal engineering.

The objective of the equipment was :

Nil hand contact while operating the sanitizer dispenser ,

no wastage of water ,

easy to use with no maintenance required and

target cost of Rs 5,000 per unit or lower.

The result : foot operated sanitizer dispenser - a simple, effective and nil maintenance dispenser. Moreover, the first working model was made out of scrap components.

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