Thermoset Injection Moulding

TPI offers its Customers innovative solutions under one roof, with focus on reliability and price. TPI offers thermoset injection moulding facility capable of processing high performance phenolic engineering compounds from Sumitomo Bakelite, Vyncolit, as well as General Purpose phenolic compounds.

Along with thermoplastic injection moulding and compression moulding, TPI offers its customers an opportunity to source Thermoset Injection moulded components . TPI processes both high performance Phenolic engineering compounds as well as general purpose phenolics for the automotive, appliance and electrical industries. The factory is equipped with both horizontal type moulding presses as well as vertical type moulding press for its range of insert moulded components.

Faced with production pressures, TPI’s existing automotive Tier-1 customer SL Lumax Ltd was looking to enhance production without changing the material or dramatic increase in price . TPI’s team went into a huddle and worked with the raw material manufacturer as well the mold maker and suggested that the component be produced out of Phenol Formaldehyde ( injection molding grade). Within eight weeks a two cavity mold was designed, manufactured and samples were submitted to our customer. TPI is in the process of adding more thermoset injection molding machines to meet increasing customer requirements.

The factory is equipped with machines capacities ranging from 60 Tons to 350 Tons. Our special capability is Insert Moulding and the machineries include Hopper Dryer, Mould Temperature Controller, HRS unit and Oven.

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